Our Focus

The Mission

We are an active, diverse, and engaged group of African-American Women from various geographic locations in Minnesota.

The mission of Black Women Rising is to leverage Black Women’s organizing skills, leadership potential and political power to influence and positively impact our community.

We accomplish our mission by:

•Building strategic relationship and coalitions with various constituency groups. United we stand.

•Leveraging our various and broad networks. There’s Power in numbers.

•Ensuring we educate and prepare members of our community to fully engage in the political process at every level from caucus participant to candidate to community leader. If we’re not at the table we’re on the menu.

•Elevating our community through shaping public policy in an effort to

improve outcomes for the African-American community as well as the greater community. Our voices matter.


We are the hope and the dream of the slave

We are women committed to telling our stories and writing our own narratives.

We are women empowering, equipping, educating, promoting and expanding the leadership capacity and political power of

Black Women.

We are architects creating and constructing communities grounded in excellence and focused on opportunity.

Who Are We