Minneapolis City Council Candidates

The city of Minneapolis has undergone a lot of scrutiny and criticism due to the recent civil uprising ignited by the murder of Mr. George Floyd.  Now is the time for bold, strong, passionate and equitable leadership to step forward.  These Black Women heard the call and are answering.


Meet the Black Women running to be the voice of Minneapolis

Black Women Rising will be hosting a "Meet the Black candidate" forum March 4, 2021- Check the events page for details

In order by Ward


Robin Wonsley


Mass multiracial grassroots organizing can make what is perceived to be impossible, possible. 


LaTrisha Vetaw


The people of Ward 4 are struggling with the impact of COVID-19, increased violence, and unemployment.


Cathy Spann


By working together, we can effectively address problems in housing, employment and public safety, and secure a bright future that works for all of us.


Kristel Porter


 Get as many community members and stakeholders as possible at the decision-making table to tackle issues that are affecting North-siders every day.                                           


Andrea Jenkins


It’s not just an emotional reaction, it is a physical reaction, too. Your cortisol is elevated, which has a deleterious impact on your synapses, your blood pressure, your heart. Culturally embedded racism impacts every part of your body and mind. 


Carmen Means


We cannot have a conversation about public health in isolation without having a conversation about public safety and the current state of lawlessness that we are experiencing in our city because of the aftermath of the civil unrest.