Black Women Rising

Leveraging Our Collective Power

The mission of Black Women Rising is to leverage Black Women’s organizing skills, leadership potential and political power to influence and positively impact our community. We are an active, engaged and passionate group of African-American women. We use our collective power for the greater good.

We are Black Women Rising.


Who are We

We are the hope and the dream of the slave

We are women committed to telling our stories and writing our narratives


We are women empowering, equipping, educating, promoting and expanding the leadership capacity and political power of black women.

We are architects creating and constructing communities grounded in excellent, focused on opportunity.

A Closer Look

Sister Sojourner in 2018 we're still asking, "Ain't I a woman?"

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In 2018 Black Women continue to ask the question poised by activist & abolitionist, Sojourner Truth: Ain't I a Woman?"m All too often the resounding response is: no (continue)


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Black Women Rising supports passage of the non-partisan MN African American Family Preservation Act (HF-3973)

 Click the email icon above to send and email to advocate Kelis Houston to find out how to support this bill.

Alabama Black Women Rise Up & Run in 2018

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A record number of Black Women are running for office in Alabama. These women are determined to claim their seat at the table. Learn more...

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